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Mat-AltarNomads Golf was first established in South Africa 1960. As its members were drawn from various clubs and played their regular competitions on a variety of different courses, the Nomads name seemed particularly appropriate.

Nomads Golf Flourished in South Africa and a club was established in Zimbabwe. There are now three clubs on Zimbabwe which operate under the umbrella of the controlling Zimbabwe body.

Nomads Golf in Zimbabwe holds its National Tournament annually and has field of up to 240 players.

The Nomads Movement has also spread to Botswana, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Swaziland. Today there are close to 3000 Nomads spread around our clubs, all committed to our ideals of benefiting the game of golf and, in the process, raising substantial funding for causes that lend support for those less fortunate than ourselves.


                                                   NOMADS GOLF CLUB Mashonaland

 CAPTAINS Newsletter 1

 GAME ONE AND GOLD CUP – The Brooke Golf Club

 Nomadic greetings to all Fellow Nomads,

Hope I find you and your families well and safe. We had our first game for 2022 and Gold Cup at The Brooke Golf Club. Unfortunately we could not have the full Gold Cup with all the competitions that we normally hold during the year, due to the current pandemic but managed to have a short one so that we can change Office Bearers. Hopefully next year we can play more games and have Nomads back on track and do what we do best ‘’Through Golf The Rememberance of Others’’.

Our game at The Brooke Golf Club was a great day with 80 players, 2 prospective’s, 4 guests and 0 no shows. Well done and thank you all for your support. We were privileged to have the following ladies join us for prize giving; Bev Holmes, Shirley Jonker, Natasha Jonker and Michelle McDonnell.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the General Manager of The Brooke, Simon Herring and his team for all their hard work they have put into this Club. The Course was in fantastic condition.

To Past Captain Nyasha, a very big thank you for your time and dedication to Nomads. It has been a very difficult two years but you steered the Ship well. All the best and I hope I can fill your shoes.



The Brooke game was kindly sponsored by John and Alison Clark. Thank you to John and Alison for the sponsorship and for all that you do for Nomads. I would like to thank Ivan Peters of Peter Signs for all the branding he has done at the Nomads house at no charge. Your kind sponsorship really goes a long way.

We are also very grateful for our Platinum Sponsors.




Thank you

Our Nomads ladies; Alison and Alana who were assisted by Marcia. We thank you once again for all your hard work and making sure that our monthly games run smoothly.

Thank you to Honorary Member Gordon Mackenzie, and Lovemore Shoniwa for being our Starters for the day.   Thank you for your time and support to Nomads.

A very big thank you to the National Vice Chairman, Mr. Chenge Chivonvoni who travelled all the way from Bulawayo to attend our Golf Day.


On the Sick List

Greg and Sue Pozzo who were attacked at their home. We wish them both a speedy recovery.


Congratulations to our Award winners of the day

Sydney Mashava                     5 year tie

Andrew Mbinda                     10 year tie

Batirai Manhando                   10 year tie

Theo Kumalo                        15 year tie

John Musekiwa                      15 year tie

Francis Bwanya                      20 year tie

Jack Henderson             35 year tie

  • Jack was inducted as a Nomad in February 1985.
  • He won the Arthur Garden Veterans Trophy in 2011.
  • During his 30 years, Jack has played a total of 252 games.



Mike Linforth               40 year tie

  • Mike was inducted as a Nomad in December 1981.
  • He won the Hein Plate with Corrie van Rensburg in 1999, 2002 and 2016.
  • He won the Gary Player with the same partner in 1982, 1993 and 2006.
  • Individually he won the John Handley Trophy in 2011 and was a member of the 40 Club in 2011.



Alison Clark                 40 year badge

  • Alison was inducted as a lady Nomad in October 1981 and has been a mainstay of Nomads golf and monthly game administration for the past 40 years.
  • During her outstanding service as a lady Nomad, she has managed to provide the Club with a past National Chairman and Honorary Life Member.
  • In recognition of her stellar service to our club, we presented Alison with a Silver Tray for attaining 40 years of dedicated service to the club.


Congratulations to all Award winners and thank you for your continuous support to our wonderful Club.


We had two Inductions for the day.

Geoff Muteiwa

Gerald Muzawazi

Welcome to Nomads and we wish you a long association with this prestigious Club.

Nomads Mashonaland Charity day 2020/2021

On behalf of the Charity day Committee, I would like to thank all Sponsors and all who have donated to last year and this year’s Charity day. We only had the opportunity to raise funds for the first 2 months of last year and a few games for raffles. Having said that we did manage to raise a good amount of funds and still managed to support a few Charities. Unfortunately due the pandemic we were unable to have a golf day.

ZARDA: Last year as well and this year we held a lunch at the Nomads house for the Carers. We also donated a laptop and a heavy duty laser printer.

RUGARE: An Orphan Care and Transformation Centre. We donated building material towards a project.

WINGATE PARK GOLF CLUB: Last year we had paid upfront to book the course for our golf day but because of the pandemic we were unable to hold the actual golf day. The Charity day committee decided to donate the booking fee.

MUMMIES ANGELS ZIMBABWE: Mummies Angels is an Organisation that helps Mothers and Babies in need by distributing donations. We have donated clothes for babies and many other items for both Mothers and babies including items like nappies, creams, formula etc.



  1. CHRISTOPHERS: This is a Community based rehabilitation project based in Hatcliffe. They offer therapeutic services to children with disabilities. We donated a 20ft container that they required for storage.

Upcoming Events

 Sunday 16 January 2022    Second Monthly Game at Wingate Park Golf Club. Will be a morning game with a 7.30am start.

 Sunday 13 February 2022   Third Monthly Game at Royal Harare Golf Club. Will be an afternoon game with an 11.16am start.

Sunday 27 February 2022   Away Game 1 at Marondera Country Club. Will be a morning game with an 8.00am start.

For those that are interested in playing at the Wingate game, please contact our Match Secretary, Alison Clark to add your name to the draw.

The Calendar for next year has been emailed to everyone and I will be adding it to the Nomads FDFF WhatsApp Group platform. The Calendar of games shall be the fixed calendar for the year and any games affected by change in local rules and regulations arising from the National Covid 19 Management Strategies shall be the games forfeited.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy “Golfing” New Year.

Nomadically yours,

Shane Zangel

Captain 2022


“No man is an Island entire of itself,

Every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the Main,

Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind,

And therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls,

It tolls for thee.”

From the meditations of John Donne (1573)